Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grand Dinner at Heng Kang Tian

Tonight, 12 Oct 07 (9M2), Heng Kang Tian has its grand dinner where devotees, friends and supporters gathered together, in community spirit, to enjoy food and drinks and raise funds for the temple. As is typical of most dinners, auctions of items contributed by devotees were held in the midst of the dinner.

Many supporters bidded for th numerous items contributed by supporters and devotees as well. In the excitement to get the item being auctions, offers came in fast and furious. All in fun and friendly rivalry and in support of the temple.

The dinner represented devotees from more than 3 generations. It was a tight-knitted community, although they might no longer be staying in the same kampung, they still come each time each year to meet up and to keep the community spirits alive!

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